About Us

A Few Words About Us

Our Mission

We provide user friendly Software to help Entrepreneurs to take right decisions at the right time.

Fraxinus IT Solutions’s goal is to ensure its most advanced enterprise products line to reach out the global markets and create world class software solutions that match to the internationally standards.

Fraxinus IT Solutions, a leader behind the automation efforts of the Trading and manufacturing industry in India has been incorporated during the year 2007 by a team of young and dynamic professionals with a perfect blend of Technical, Marketing and Administration skills. Fraxinus IT Solutions aims to harness the power of Information Technology to provide comprehensive solutions to all its customers.

The Idea

We are a witness to the emergence of the dynamic ac-counting services over past years. We have seen serious business applications with core simplicity falling short of industry requirements and some which took the dare to overly complicate the necessity. We are here to align your growth by automating complexity with simplicity, rigidity with flexibility and preaching with practices, so why not make a pit-stop and get your alignment right.

The Making

We are not a solution born overnight and we are defi-nitely not a pass-by. We are designed by functionaries who have decades of combined experience and are passionate to follow pursuit of excellence as core values. FraxinusERP got promoted with just two things in mind, Business coverage and Ease of use to forge Business Excellence. Veal’, we know this is not easy and most applications have failed trying. We articulated and mapped business verticals before the final nod came from industry veterans.