Product Support

Our technical support outsourcing solutions offer a complete package, including email support, voice support and online technical support to clients. Fraxinus technical support teams are capable of supporting our client’s customers around-the-clock, enabling our clients to commit 99.9% product up-time. We provide a team of experts headed by a technical manager that will take prompt and effective actions as soon as any support issues arise.

With our team’s knowledge of industry domains and the latest technologies, alongside their vast experience in conceptualizing, developing and deploying products, we at Fraxinus focus on providing product development services that are tailored to individual client’s needs.

As a client-centric and relationship-based company, we continue to provide extended maintenance & support while our client’s products reach the users and begin to stabilize in the market. Product support is more essential for the smooth operations initially than in the later stage where the product reaches its maturity period and runs on the virtue of its own experience.

Once the product is ready to market, we work with our clients to identify their ongoing product support needs. We ensure that a team is at the client’s service for their support depending upon the client’s comfort level and product’s robustness. During the entire process of product development and support, we ensure that our development and support model delivers a cost-effective, highly-efficient and high quality service to clients globally.