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Become a Partner of Fraxinus

Our Valuable Asset

At Fraxinus IT Solutions, partner is a valuable asset. We don’t consider our partners an outlet for selling products, but a part of the Fraxinus team. Around the world our partners work together to give customers the best experience possible in buying and using our products. In short – our partners define who we are.


How we Share Information With Our Partners

To give our partners every advantage possible, Fraxinus provides unique knowledge regarding IT services with all of our Fraxinus IT partners. Fraxinus IT also strives to actively develop and maintain a personal relationship with each of our partners, and to ensure that they are always informed of our development road map and long-term company goals.


Partnership of Success and Advantages

Fraxinus IT Solutions is firmly recognized as a technological leader in IT services. However, this alone is not enough. We clearly understand that for us to succeed in selling our highly-acclaimed products, our partners must also succeed. Therefore, in addition to attractive discounts, we provide every partner with extensive marketing support, training, and individual marketing funds (IMF).

Partnership Form

We recommend minimum hardware configuration as under:
Processor Dual Core 2nd Gen. 1.7 GHz or Higher
RAM 1 GB (2 GB or higher recommended)
HDD 150 MB free Hard Disk space
Other DVD / CD Drive, USB Port

Following operating systems are supported currently:
Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1 (32 bit / 64 bit), Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 R2

It is strongly recommended for users to take back-up on Pen/CD drive regularly so that in the unlikely event of System/HDD crash, important data can be restored from back-up. To format hard disk, copy folder into another drive or CD / Pen drive. After formatting HDD, just copy folder back and run Msetup.exe to reinstall software. Software lock will not be affected. If HDD or system is damaged and folder cannot be copied than after formatting HDD, install by running msetup.exe and than restore all company data from back-up.

    Download the software and follow the steps provided and install it properly by giving correct location.

    Free Trial allows you to experience a complete WUZU license for 15 days. You will be able to use all the features and functionalities of Fraxinus Wuzu. After 15 days, you have to pay software charge and enjoy your continue work.

    Yes, you can manage single or multiple branches in this software, Go offline If you want to manage single shop and Go Cloud Base for multiple branches management. Both Solutions are available in WUZU.