Today we are launching Cloud Backup Service for all our users.
Since we are in this platform we observed our users being more and more dependent on Fraxinus for their Business Problem solutions. They always try to find out the business solution in Fraxinus and we are always try hard help all of you in any case. Your business dependency on Fraxinus software is honor for us and that also adds more responsibility on us towards you.
We always try to aware all the users to keep your data backed up in your computer or portable storage devices or your Google Drive account. Yet we have seen many cases where people have backed up data in their computer or in portable devices but they could not save those backup files from ransom-ware attack. At last nothing remains. You lost all your hard work done since many many years.  We are pleased to take this responsibility to protect your backup files by providing free of cost storage on Our Cloud servers. We name it Fraxinus Backup Box.
What is Fraxinus Backup Box
Fraxinus Backup Box allows Fraxinus Software users to upload Backup files on our Cloud Server without NO configuration but a single click away operation to upload them on our cloud server.  This backup file will be stored on web Cloud servers in authority of Fraxinus IT Solutions. What we intend to provide this service is to protect your backup files from viruses and loss of data in case of Crash of your storage devices.
Frequency of Upload and Expiry of File
Company has decided (as of now) to keep these files on the server for 90 days. User can upload Backup Files on Fraxinus Backup Box on some frequency decided by Company. This frequency can be 2 days to 15 days.
Cost of service
This service is not included as part of Fraxinus Software you are buying. This service is developed as Add-On to Fraxinus Softwares. Company has planned to provide this service Free of Cost till 31st March 2019. Later on this service may remain free or Company May start charging for this Add-on service.
Data backup security
As mentioned above the backup data will be uploaded on Web cloud servers as blob files. Those files can not be affected with virus or can not be crashed. Those are under security of Microsoft Azure Cloud Security Terms.
Company is still not responsible for loss of data from the cloud server or while process of uploading the backup or in any case. Company may use your backup files to improve service and performance tuning. Company not share or sell your backup files directly or indirectly to any organization or individuals.
Under free service, company is providing restoration of Data Manually by sending request to Fraxinus Support Team via Email request to protect your backup. User can restore maximum 1 Backup file per month.