We are excited to launch new update today with many exciting features in Fraxinus Books ERP for the business owners who are really working hard expanding their business. Here is the big list of new features and improvements we have done this month.
   New Features:
  • Proforma Invoice: New and advanced Pro-forma invoice module which was highly in demand is now fully available to use
  • Alert before closing transaction screens: This feature allows user to get alert before closing sales and purchase screen to avoid lose of unsaved data
  • New Report to Find Missing Sales Invoice Numbers: Users can now find missing / deleted invoices with this report
  • New Dashboard for Business owners (Admins) – Sales Forecasting
    • This Module represents the current situation of the Sales and Current business information
    • Advance Predictions for the next 30 Days sale: It analysis the interest of the customer of each items and usage of individual items. Now it alerts you for the next items to be sold to regular customers
    • Fast moving items and non moving items
    • Subscribe to Update Emails: Fraxinus loves to keep users updated with new information and new update of products. You can subscribe to email updates for news and updates
  • Improvement in Cheque Return Module
  • Improvement in Serial Number Management Module
  • Improvement in Payment Options of Sale, Purchase
  • Auto alert for Google Drive backup configuration: Software will alert you if you have not configured auto backup on Google Drive. We highly recommend you to set auto backup on Google Drive to avoid unexpected incidence and data loss