Last week Company released new version with many new technical features , GST updates and many more as listed below.


New Features

  • Restore Backup : In this release user can easily restore any backup created in past either for the purpose of reset of computer or backup taken for safety purpose.
  • Quick Search Detailed : Simplified Ctrl + Space – Quick search feature to reach anything with less key presses and large view keep eye on everything.
  • Password Recovery Options : Software reminds user to update password recovery mobile number and email address so that user can recover password on provided mobile number.
  • Lock Transactions Date : System Administrator can lock the date by which other user or admin can not udpate any transactions before the provided date.
  • Eway Bill Export to json : EWay Bill System enhanced and allows to export json file that makes ease of eway bill generation on eway bill portal.
  • Reverse Production / Product Extraction / One to Many Production : A wonderful feature for one to many production for any business where you can extract any product or create multiple items from single item. This feature is also useful for generating packates from a large bag.
  • GST Percentage wise Input Credit and output Credit Summary Report.
  • Self service Customer Support : Now user can easily submit thier suggessions or any complaints just directly from the software. For any urgent case user can select High priority that will technical support team call user immediately and find the resolution.



  • Jobwork Detailed Report : A Detailed report where all the questions are answered in one report for jobwork outside and jobwork inside service.
  • Ignore Empty Accounts in Trial Balance : For the people who are using new trial balance feature, is now having option to ignore empty accounts which are not having any transactions and not having closing balance too.
  • Customer wise pricelist in Cash Counter sale screen : Cash counter screen for fast billing is now available with price list selection.
  • Customer Group wise price list report added : More reports for Price List available.
  • Brand Sub Brand and Category Added in many reports related to Inventory
  • Improvements in Eway Bill System : Many improvements as ease of use in eway bill system